autumn winter reads 🍂❄️

Hello all! As I mentioned in my Recent End of Year book tag post, autumn and winter are the seasons of fantasy for me. There are some books in my collection that embody this time of year, so if you're looking for a seasonal read, I've got you covered. First I'll offer some wonderful books… Continue reading autumn winter reads 🍂❄️

november wrap-up pt1 📚☾

Hi all, happy Monday! Today I'm back with the first part of my November wrap-up. So far I'm having the very best reading month, and I have seven books to show you! I have really stepped up my audiobook game, and the first book I listened to was My Friend Anna: The True Story of a… Continue reading november wrap-up pt1 📚☾

book haul: august-october 📚💸

Hello all! I hope you're all doing well. Today I have quite the book haul to show you. I haven't done a book haul since July so there's quite a few here! A lot of these I've already read, so I'll link to my reviews of the reads. Let's begin! First up is the second book… Continue reading book haul: august-october 📚💸

wrap-up: october 2019

Hello all! As I mentioned in my November TBR post, I had a pretty good reading month throughout October. Something I'm hoping to incorporate into my wrap-ups are more stat-based content which makes the geeky part of me very happy. I think these stats are super interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing what future months will look… Continue reading wrap-up: october 2019

TBR: november 2019

Hello all! Happy November! I'm truly living the best autumnal time particularly reading-wise. After a great reading month in October I'm really excited for the books I have on my radar for November and wanted to share with you the books I'm hoping to get to. First of all, I'm hoping to finish my current read, Wilder… Continue reading TBR: november 2019